News No. 2-2015, Modular Display Cases


Modular display cases

- that can be assembled in various formats.

The new modular display cases from System Standex are constructed from a small quantiry of interchangeable components that can create a single or a multiple format display case - can built into linear, quare or cross design.

The display cases are easily disassembled and hte rebuilt in different modular formats. This means that the exhibition don't have to fit the display cases but that the display cases can be adjusted to fit the exhibition.


The display cases can be supplied with different types of illumination. E.g. LED, fibre optic or LED top illuminated panel (example shows 4 jointed modular display cases with LED top illumination).

               modular 4

Display cases can be supplied fully equipped:

  • passive climate control
  • suspended shelves
  • other colours
  • and much more... just ask

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